The idea of assembling Students of Armenian Schools of Egypt in a reunion, was  conceived in Montreal, in 1983, by the participation of former Kalousdian School students from Cairo. The subsequent gatherings, which were being held periodically and in various cities around the world, had a larger scope, until the 1999 Reunion in Montreal. There, with  the participation of all the Armenian Schools of Egypt, it became a World  Reunion, also establishing, the name "World Reunion of Armenian Schools of Egypt" for all forthcoming reunions.
          The Reunions not only serve to bring together the Armenian Students from Egypt scattered throughout the world, renewing old friendships and memories; they also contribute to the accomplishment of important projects in our Motherland, such as the renovation of educational institutions. Among these must be mentioned, the  reconstruction of the Gladzor High school, in the Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Also, financial support given to the "Bridge of Hope", an educational centre in Yerevan, which helps children with disabilities.
A project of greater significance was the sponsorship established in 2005, at the World Reunion of Toronto, Canada, and continued to function efficiently under the name of "Mashtots Educational Fund", which secures scholarships for talented university students in Armenia, who need financial support.